PC dual monitor mount, multiple computer monitor stand, dual monitors, multiple monitor mount, multiple lcd mount, lcd displays, lcd mounts
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Benefits and Advantages:                                    

  • Security companies using surveillance cameras use multiple monitors effectively.
  • You can copy and paste from separate documents, on separate screens.
  • You can watch a video on one screen, while surfing the internet on another.
  • You can compare documents without Maximizing and Minimizing Windows! Visually compare all of your relative data and information.
  • Multiple monitors make day trading easy! Keep your software on one screen with charts and graphs on others.
  • It makes recording music easy. Keep your tracks on one screen and your tool pads on an additional screen.
  • You can combine multiple screens to act as one large screen.
  • Stretch your windows across Multiple Monitors.
  • You can play Video games, like MS Flight Simulator X and Gran Tourismo that spread your view across multiple monitors, for more realistic action!
  • You can keep all of your Chats, Skype, Tools and Widgets on one screen while running programs on additional monitors.
  • You can control multiple monitors with one keyboard and mouse.
  • Save room and electricity from having multiple computers running.
  • Multiple monitors act independently, as well as in a panoramic full screen mode, at the same time. It's the best of both worlds.

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Do you need help choosing the right Graphics Card for your PC?

E-mail us at: Info@CustomMonitorStands.com and let us know your exact computer model (or motherboard model), and we can help you choose the best option for your multiple monitors. If you don't know either of those, you may e-mail us a digital picture of the inside of your computer, so that we can determine which type of expansion ports are available (AGP, PCI or PCI-Express). If you are looking for a specific video card just let us know and we can quickly provide it for you!

Most flat panel monitors and LCD monitors have a VESA standard interface, which means a hole pattern on the back of the monitor measuring 3"x3" or 4"x4". Many flat screen monitor manufacturers have agreed to provide flat panel monitor mounting interface standards for displays in order to facilitate monitor mounting.

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Sales Information: Sales@CustomMonitorStands.com
PC dual monitor mount, multiple computer monitor stand, dual monitors, multiple monitor mount, multiple lcd mount, lcd displays, lcd mounts
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