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Pyramid Monitor Stands                                          
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Our Pyramid Display Stands are available in a variety of styles and weight capacities. Pyramid monitor stands can be configured with a dual vertical pole support, or a single vertical pole, depending on the size and weight of the monitors in your array. We also offer a variety of articulated monitor arms, including our Standard articulated monitor arm, and three different styles of Premium articulated monitor arms. Premium articulated monitor arms include our black satin finish, polished aluminum finish, and our Heavy Duty line of brushed aluminum finish articulated monitor arms.

If you are an active computer enthusiast, you have possibly come to the conclusion that two displays just aren’t enough. At minimum, you need at least one display for active applications such as charts and spreadsheets, one display for all of your word processing and graphics, and one display for all of your other applications such as e-mail and web browsing.

Our Pyramid Display Stand is desk mounted using our custom base design. The trio of articulated arms are rigidly mounted on two 2" square horizontal steel tubing cross bars. This configuration allows complete control over any size monitors, from three 17" LCD Flat Panel Monitors (both Standard 4:3 and Widescreen 16:9), all the way up to 30" LCD Flat Panel Monitors. Each of the outboard monitors can swing 270+ degrees, as well as providing tilt. All three monitors allow extension up to 22" from the horizontal cross bars, and rotation from landscape mode to portrait mode, lift vertically up to 18" off the desk, and much more. This provides maximum effective use of desk space and optimum ergonomic view of the screens.

This Pyramid monitor stand includes Free Shipping!            

All Cables and Accessories Included Free
Your new CustomMonitorStands.com Multiple Monitor Stand ships with all the cables and accessories you will need to get up and running quickly. This includes extended length analog (VGA) or digital (DVI) video cables for each panel, a 15' power cable for each panel, and hex-head allen wrenches.

Independent Panel Adjustment
Each of your LCD Flat Panel Displays on your CustomMonitorStands.com Multiple Monitor Stand can be articulated independently and in any direction. Use your fingertips with our Premium articulated monitor arms to tilt, yaw and even rotate each panel quickly from Portrait Mode to Landscape Mode on the fly.

Integrated Cable Management
All CustomMonitorStands.com Multi-Screen display stands allow you to route video and power cabling across the mount frame and out of sight to maintain a clean and clutter free appearance. Double-sided Velcro strips are included to allow very detailed cable management for a neat, clean appearance.

Free Multi-Monitor Wallpaper
Every CustomMonitorStands.com Multiple Monitor Stand includes some of the best multi-monitor wallpaper available. Nothing enhances the beauty of your desktop like a multi-million pixel high-quality wallpaper background. These images will bring serenity and coherence to your desktop workspace.

Here is a short list of ten things that are easier to do with two or more displays:

  • Monitoring multiple video cameras in a secure area
  • Tracking multiple stock quotes from several different stock trading websites
  • Copying information between documents
  • Running multiple web searches
  • Keeping track of various communication programs at once (e-mail, IM, Skype)
  • Simultaneously viewing e-mail and included attachments or web links
  • Moving information from a source to a spreadsheet
  • Simultaneously editing and previewing in real-time a website, presentation, or image
  • Monitoring multiple streams of information in real-time
  • Watching streaming video such as a newscast on one screen while working on another screen
  • Simultaneously running multiple productivity applications such as Word, Outlook, and Excel
  • Having a video conference with two or more people

Most flat panel monitors and LCD monitors have a VESA standard interface, which means a hole pattern on the back of the monitor measuring 3"x3" or 4"x4". Many flat screen monitor manufacturers have agreed to provide flat panel monitor mounting interface standards for displays in order to facilitate monitor mounting.

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Dual monitor stand Augusta, multiple monitor stand Augusta, multiple monitors Augusta, xp dual monitors Augusta, vista dual monitors Augusta, dual monitor stands Augusta, dual monitor setup Augusta
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